has developed a transparent screen that can be operated without contact

has developed a non-contact transparent touch screen that can see the other side of the screen, Just wave your finger, No need to touch the screen to operate.With the spread of the new crown epidemic, It is expected to be embedded in anti-spray partitions installed at checkout counters in stores. Japan Display plans to open up new markets for LCD panels. 、

Non-contact transparent “air touch screen” 

This screen is as transparent as a glass plate when it is not energized,An image will appear after power on. The user can select the icon displayed on the screen, Or move your finger left and right to scroll the screen, Operate like the touch screen of a smartphone. Its working principle is to perceive the change of “electrostatic capacity” between human and panel.Operate with your finger at a distance of 5 cm from the screen,The screen will respond.

The trial product developed by Japan Display this time is 12.3 inches.The envisaged use is to embed a transparent touch screen in an anti-droplet partition. for example, The payment method options are displayed on the anti-droplet partition set at the cash register of the convenience store,Or display the QR code for mobile payment. It is expected that places such as medical facilities and food factories that require strict sanitation management will also have demand for such non-contact transparent touch screens.

Post time: Jan-07-2021