1.Precautions with use for LCD module

1-1Warning For Static Electricity:The followed actions must be done before opening or fixing or soldering the LCM:

To wear an anti-static wrist-strap.

To wear the anti-static clothes.

The anti-static floor can be applied, especially in a dry and low temperature [low humidity] environment.

To use a container with anti-static material.

1-2 Turn off the power switch before installing,detaching or soldering the LCM.

1-3 To avoid the EMl problem, please properly connect the LCM to the equipment with EMC protection.

1-4The contrast has to be adjusted to a proper situation with VR if the LCM is run at a higher range of temperature.

1-5 lt is better to have a heater built-in on the LCM to improve the display speed at a lower temperature.

1-6 To avoid scratching the LCD, please do not remove the protective film before installing the LCM.

1-7 Please keep a cleanly working area to protect LCM from dirty particles.

1-8 Please do not open the LCM if it has failed, that may affect the processing of analysis.

1-9 Sensitive to ultraviolet avoid used or exposed under sunlight unless it's applicable to ultraviolet.

1-10 If you need to increase PIN or flexible flat cable when operation,please take care the welding effect, such as short-circuit or bad welding.


2.Precaution with use for OLED module

2-1 Module

2-1-1Avoid applying excessive shocks to module or making any alter ations or modifications to it.

2-1-2.Don't make extra holes on the printed circuit board, modify its shape or change the components of OLED display module.

2-1-3 Don't disassemble the OLED display module.

2-1-4 Don't operate it above the absolute maximum rating.

2-1-5 Don't drop, bend or twist OLED display module.

2-1-6Soldering:only to the IO terminals.

2-1-7Storage: please storage in anti-static electricity container and clean environment.

2-1-8 It's pretty common to use "Screen Saver" to extend the lifetime and Don't use fix in formation for long time in real application.

2-1-9 Don't use fixed information in OLED panel for long timé,that wilLextend "screen burn" effect time.

2-1-10 Winstar has the right to change the passive components, including R2and R3 adjust resistors.(Resistors, capacitors and other passive components will have different appearance and color caused by the different suupplier.)

2-1-11 Winstar have the right to change the PCB Rev.(In order to satisfy the supplying stability, management optimization and the best product performance...etc,under the premise of not affecting the electrical characteristics and external dimensions,Winstar have the right to modify the version.)

2-2 Handling Precautions

2-2-1 Since the display panel is being made of glass, do not apply mechanical impacts such us dropping from a high position.

2-2-2 lIf the display pane! is broken by some accident and the internal organic substance leaks out, be careful not to inhale nor lick the organic substance.

2-2-3Ifpressure is applied to the display surface or its neighborhood of the OLED display module, thecell structure may be damaged and be careful not to apply pressure to these sections.

2-2-4.The polarizer covering the surface of the OLED display module is soft and easily scratched.Please be careful when handling the OLED display module.

2-2-5 When the surface of the polarizer of the OLED display module has soil, clean the surface. It takes advantage of by using following adhesion tape.

Scotch Mending Tape No.810 or an equivalent

Never try to breathe upon the soiled surface nor wipe the surface using cloth containing solvent

such as ethylalcohol, since the surface of the polarizer will become cloudy.Also, pay attention 

that the following liquid and solvent may spoil the polarizer:

2-2-6 Hold OLED display module very carefully when placing OLED display module into the System housing. Do not apply excessive stress or pressure to OLED display module.And, do not over bend the film with electrode pattern layouts.These stresses will influence the display performance.Also, secure sufficient rigidity for the outer cases.

2-2-7 Do not apply stress to the LSI chips and the surrounding molded sections.

2-2-8Do not disassemble nor modify the OLED display module.

2-2-9 Do not apply input signals while the logic power is off.

2-2-10 Pay sufficient attention to the working environments when handing OLEDdisplay modules to prevent occurrence of element breakage accidents by static electricity.

Be sure to make human body grounding when handling OLED display modules.

Be sure to ground tools to use or assembly such as soldering irons.

To suppress generation of static eleetricity, avoid carrying out assembly work under dry environments.

Protective film is being applied to the surface of the display panel of the OLED display module.Be careful since static electricity may be generated when exfoliating the protective film.

2-2-11 Protection film is being applied to the surface of the display panel and removes the protection film before assembling it.At this time, if the OLED display module has been stored for a long period of time, residue adhesive material of the protection film may remain on the surface of the display panel after removed of the film. In such case, remove the residue material by the method introduced in the above Section 5.

2-2-12.If electric current is applied when the OLED display module is being dewed or when it is placed under high humidity environments, the electrodes may be corroded and be careful to avoid the above.


3 Storage Precautions

3-1 When storing OLED display modules,put them in static electricity preventive bags avoiding exposure to direct sun light nor to lights of fluorescent lamps. and,also,avoiding high temperature and high humidity environment or low temperature (less than 0°C)environments.

Visual angle

Definition of area

Definition of are

4. Pixel Definition

Pixel Definition

Note1:If pixel or partial sub-pixel defects exceed50% ofthe affected pixel or sub-pixel area, it shall be considered as1 defect.

Note2: There should be no distinct non-uniformity visible through5% ND Filter within2 sec inspection times.

Note3: Mura and bright dot inspected through5% transmission ND Filter as following.