Case Customer

Project:American customer, refrigerator system

Hengtai Service:OEM-contract manufacturing (customized ultra-low temperature program)、Mike (Purchasing Manager) & Kurt (Director of Engineering)

We have been working with HengTai since 2003. We selected HengTai after visited a couple of factories in shenzhen and SiChuan,Heng tai factory passed our audit. We were very impressed by their factory capabilities. Hengtai has shipped more than 650,000 LCD screens for us already, We never had any quality issues with their LCD. We are more than satisfied with HengTai performance. We look forward to working with HengTai for next decades


Project:Industrial Automation Control System


Hengtai Service:OEM-contract manufacturing (TFT-CTP-OCA)

Heike Bauer(German Mechatronics Purchasing Manager)He and his team visited our company. When they came to the dust-free production workshop, they saw that more than 80% of our manufacturing processes were fully automated. The customer immediately showed a strong willingness to cooperate. After the customer informed their product-related technical requirements , We conducted friendly communication, our engineer team designed 2 sets of plans for customers to choose according to customer requirements.We are very interested in keeping a good relationship with HengTai, since we experienced you as very honest, quality-and-service minded and and was very helpful in our development phase. It's not easy as a foreigner to know which manufactruer to trust, but you met every expectation.I am recommending you to everyone I kn

Project:Hand-held precision testing instrument

Hengtai Service:OEM-contract manufacturing(Character LCD screen)

Bernard(Dynamic Motion SA Managing Director)

What HengTai engineering did are incredible, Your team has designed & built a working prototype which is exactly we want, We are able to show our customers in time with great business results. You guys are amazing. I will recommend HengTai to any other friends who wants designing and manufactruing service


Project:Marine artificial breeding control system


Hengtai Service:OEM-contract manufacturing(Graphic LCD screen)

Honshu Island, Japan(President of Honshu Island Technology Company)

We have been working with Heng tai 10 years already. Hengtai can produce our LCD-LCM with high quality in time. We are very satisfied with Hengtai's quality and service. We continue to bring more new projects. Hengtai will definitely be the first choice for contract manufacturing and new product design!